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Green Mark 15 December , 2006

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The government is encouraging developers to build more green buildings and it is taking the lead. From next year, all new public buildings must have the Green Mark certification. This is a good move towards reducing the environmental impacts of buildings.

Besides having an energy efficient building, developers should also consider sufficiency and effectiveness in their design and building process. Sufficiency is about what needs to be done; enough and not too much. Effectiveness is about doing the right things and efficiency is about doing things right.


S$70m set aside to encourage developers to ‘go green’

By Julia Ng, Channel NewsAsia 

SINGAPORE : S$70 million will be set aside for research and incentives for developers to build more environmentally-friendly buildings over the next five years.And the government will take the lead.From April 1 next year, all new public buildings and those under retrofitting must have the Green Mark certification.All these initiatives are part of the government’s Green Building Masterplan.

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