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Would the absence of “Green” representation be problematic? 14 January , 2007

Posted by eugene in 6 Use Rights as Citizens & Consumers.

Read this post by Wayne of Singapore Angle. The 3 “green” NMP candidates were not appointed. Will this result in green voices being less heard in Parliament?

My comment: There is still “green” representation in Mr Edwin Khew, one of the selected NMPs. He is the Board Member of the Singapore Environment Council, Chairman of the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore, and the CEO of IUT Global Pte Ltd, a food waste to enery plant. He will bring a businessman’s perspective on the environment though he may lack the “green activisim” like Dr Geh Min (I may be wrong). It’s interesting to note how the green representation has shifted from the people sector representation (NGO Heads like Dr Geh Min, Louis Ng and Wilson Ang) to a private sector representation. I guess it reflects the growing interest of the government in developing our water and environment industry as it becomes one of our strategic growth areas. All is not lost for the “greens”.

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