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ABN Amro Climate Change and Environment Index 28 March , 2007

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Finally, an investment product based on the environmental sector is available to Singaporean investors. ABN Amro launched its Climate Change and Environment Index covering companies in renewable energy, water, waste management and biofuel. It plans to list its tracker certificates on the Index with the SGX next month. This is the first time I heard of tracking certificates, supposed to be similar to exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Will this attract local investors to invest money in environmental companies? I think it will, looking at the past popularity of water-related stocks on the SGX. Also, investors have seen increasing reports on climate change in the local newspapers, and the government going full swing into environmental R&D, funding and industry development. Green is the IN colour.


ABN AMRO launches environment-based index, seeks SGX listing

by Jeana Wong, Channel NewsAsia

27 March 2007

SINGAPORE: Singapore retail investors may soon be able to invest in socially responsible companies.ABN AMRO is launching a new equity index that tracks the stock performance of listed companies involved in addressing climate change and environmental needs.The bank said demand for investment products related to businesses in water, renewable energy and biofuels is on the rise.Growing awareness of environmental issues and government legislation will help to drive growth in the environment sector.

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