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Voluntary Packaging Agreement 14 May , 2007

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An article was published in the Chinese newspaper Lianhe Zaobao regarding the Voluntary Packaging Agreement. More than 10 food and beverage manufacturers will sign the Voluntary Packaging Agreement next month. They will promise to reduce the material used for their product packaging.

Mr Ong Seng Eng, Director of the Resource Conservation Department, National Environment Agency (NEA), said that to effectively reduce packaging waste, we cannot just depend on public education about the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), we must also work closely with those involved with the source of the packaging waste – the manufacturers, importers and retailers.

The amount of packaging waste such as paper cartons, boxes, plastic and glass bottles, drink cartons and cans, adds up to 35% of the total household waste. NEA together with the Packaging Council of Singapore (PCS) and the Singapore Environment Council formed a working committee last year to address this packaging waste problem.

The Chairman of PCS said that they are partnering with their counterparts in Japan, Australia and New Zealand to learn from their experiences in making packaging more environmentally friendly. He also revealed that manufacturers are worried about consumers’ acceptability of products with environmentally friendly packaging, and the cost of redesigning the new packaging. However, manufacturers acknowledge that consumers are more concerned about the environment,and improving their packaging becomes inevitable.

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