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Six things we can do to protect the environment 6 June , 2007

Posted by eugene in 4 Spread Message & Influence Others, 6 Use Rights as Citizens & Consumers.

My letter was published in today’s online ST Forum. The content is almost the same as what was written in my original letter. The one published by Today yesterday made more changes and have a funny title.


WORLD Environment Day is celebrated globally today with activities and events to remind us of our impact on the environment and also the things we can do to improve and protect the environment.

Everyone can do something for the environment. For a start, we could consider the six steps described below.

One, respect life and renew our bond with nature. Without respect for nature and its biodiversity, there will be no desire to protect them.

Developing respect means recognising that all living things have a right to live on this planet and that we should do no harm to them. It is also time for us to renew our bond with nature, and start appreciating the natural world around us.

Two, improve our environmental awareness and knowledge. It would be good to first read up on local and global environmental issues. What are the current environmental trends and problems? What needs to be done?

Ideally, a holistic view on the environment should be adopted so that the interdependence of various environmental problems can be understood.

Three, practise the 3 ‘Rs’ – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (in order of sequence). The sequence is important as source reduction is usually the best way to minimise wastage.

Reduce by not creating the wastage or minimising the waste in the beginning. Reuse by using the waste several times or for another purpose. Recycle by sending the waste to be processed as a resource.

Four, spread the environmental message and influence others. We can go a step further by spreading the environmental message and educating family members, friends, classmates or colleagues.

Furthermore, we can influence the organisation that we belong to, whether it is a school, a company or a social group, to be more environmentally friendly.

Five, support local environmental initiatives and groups. Instead of relying or expecting the Government to take care of the environment, it is time for us to take responsibility.

We can participate in government initiatives and campaigns or support the local environmental causes, non-governmental organisations and environmental groups. We can join their activities or volunteer our time with them.

Six, use our rights as citizens and consumers. As citizens, we have the rights to participate in the formulation of government policies regarding the environment.

This could be through government dialogues or feedback, and through the media. As consumers, we can feedback or remind companies to be more environmentally friendly.


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