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AsiaIsGreen and Green Future Solutions 7 September , 2007

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AsiaIsGreen (AIG) is a brand new online green resource guide for Singapore and Asia, created by Green Future Solutions (GFS). GFS is a Singapore-registered business founded by Eugene Tay (that’s me) and provides consultancy services to help its customers:

  • Find practical ways of reducing the waste of energy, water and material
  • Develop business strategies for going green
  • Conduct small-scale environmental projects

We have been working on the website for the past two months and we think we are ready for its live testing. We are still new so do join us on this learning journey to create a green future at www.AsiaIsGreen.com.

We understand that Asia faces great challenges in protecting its environment as it develops economically. The people in Asia are beginning to be aware of their impacts on the environment and they wish for economic prosperity without harming the planet. Is it possible to see a future where Asia is green?

We do not hope that Asia is green and we have given up that hope because when hope dies, action begins. We have decided to take action to create a future where Asia is green and AIG is our small contribution towards that future. A green future for Asia is not a dream but a responsibility to Nature and our children.

AIG provides a wide range of resources for you to increase your awareness and understanding of the environment in Singapore and Asia, and to inspire you to take action. AIG is not only for Asians but for everyone around the world who wish to see a greener Asia. A green future for the world would be impossible without the participation of Asia.

We acknowledge that there are people in Asia who will not have access to AIG or who cannot afford the products and services shown in AIG. We do not pretend to have all the answers in AIG to create a green future for Asia. But we know that we have to take action now with whatever limited resources available. Learn more. Take action. Spread the message. Do what we can.

Check out AsiaIsGreen now.


Support Local 9 August , 2007

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Most people are not aware of the environmental products and services available in Singapore. Sometimes when we advise people to go green, their reply was that it is hard to go green locally given the limited resources or products and services. I’m creating an online green resource guide to showcase information on green products and services. This would help more people to understand the green choices available in Singapore, and to buy and support local companies and products. SUPPORT LOCAL!

To sidetrack abit, just watched Royston Tan’s 881 yesterday. Really enjoyed the film, great acting by the Papaya Sisters and the music is excellent. Thinking of getting the film soundtrack… Must watch local films. SUPPORT LOCAL!


Endangered Species-Friendly TCM Labelling Scheme 2 March , 2007

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A voluntary labelling scheme was launched yesterday by the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) and the Singapore TCM Organisations Committee (STOC). The “Endangered Species-Friendly TCM Label” will cover three endangered species – bears, rhinoceroses and tigers. By placing the red-coloured label at their shop entrance, TCM companies committ to not sell such products. Great work by Acres!


What’s that red label in the TCM shop?
Todayonline March 2, 2007
by Gracia Chiang

BY THE end of this month, the public will be able to tell if a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shop is selling endangered species products. Under a new voluntary labelling scheme launched yesterday, shops committed to not selling such products will place the red-coloured label (picture) at their entrance.

Click here to read the full article


Giving Up Hope 24 November , 2006

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Giving up hope might not be a bad thing after all. According to Derrick Jensen, “A wonderful thing happens when you give up on hope, which is that you realize you never needed it in the first place. You realize that giving up on hope didn’t kill you. It didn’t even make you less effective. In fact it made you more effective, because you ceased relying on someone or something else to solve your problems …… and you just began doing whatever it takes to solve those problems yourself.”

Read Jensen’s article here.